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User Agreement

General Conditions

1. Any information or material posted on TORG.AM website is considered the property of the TORG.AM website and is protected under the Law of the RA on copyright․
2. You are not permitted to copy, reproduce, spread, public, take, save, convey or use any part of the TORG.AM website or the information posted on it on commercial or other purposes.
3. By using our services, you confirm that you bear exclusive responsibility for your posted content and have all the rights and permission to post that information including patents, trademarks, commercial secrets, as well as permission by all the individuals mentioned in the announcement.
4. The Company reserves the right to provide your contact information to the injured party, its representatives, law enforcement agencies / or legal entities in case you post an inaccurate contact address or use any other personality on TORG.AM platform.

The Rights and the Obligations of the Parties

The user is obliged;
1. Not to take any action that will result in a disproportionate load on the TORG.AM website.
2. Not to use automatic programs to access TORG.AM site.
3. Not to prevent and try to prevent working processes and other activities of TORG.AM site; also do not prevent the work of automatic programs and processes.
4. Not to use data provided by other users for any other purpose than to make a deal with that user.
5. Not to criticize moderators and administrators in any other way than through direct e-mail correspondence.
6. Not to use names that resemble the names of other users by submitting their names and sending messages from their names.

The user has the right to:՝

1. Send feedback about the work of the site. Complaints will be considered within 3 business days from the receipt of the application.

 TORG.AM is obliged to;

1. Execute all of its capabilities for the proper performance of its obligations under this Agreement, including the normal functioning of the website and non-provision of personal data to a third party, with the exception of cases provided by law.

IV. TORG.AM has the right to:
1. Set limitations on the use of services from time to time, such as the expiration date and size of the declaration,
2. Change the order of service at any time without informing about it in advance, for which there is no liability,
3. Limit the number of users’ active announcements, as well as restrict the user's actions in TORG.AM to keep the performance of the service high. 
4. Prohibit the access of the user to TORG.AM, if he/she violates the terms of this agreement,
5. Remove and disable the user's page and all announcements at any time, leaving the user a prior notice of the decision itself without bearing any responsibility for these actions neither before the user nor a third party,
6. Verify the information with the user at any time and request a person's identification document. In the case of failure by the user to provide the above-mentioned information, it is equated to the provision of inappropriate information. In this case, if the documents provided by the user do not comply with the data provided at the moment of registration, TORG.AM has the right to refuse the user and to block his access to TORG.AM site without warning.

In the case of using TORG.AM, the user agrees upon:

1. Not breaking the rules for publishing ads,
2. Not distributing or transmitting any illegal, threatening, offensive, offensive, or inappropriate information or materials that violate human rights, promote criminal conduct, or public disorder.
3. Not publishing or transmitting materials that violate other people's rights, copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights.
4. It is also prohibited to take any materials without the prior consent of the legitimate owner.
5. Not publishing offers that contain information about illegal activity, service, or product. These include offers concerning financial pyramid schemes, drugs, dangerous chemicals, weapons, ammunition, stolen goods, money laundering, or terrorist financing.
6. Not publishing or transmitting any viruses or other destructive elements.
7. Not downloading a file already uploaded by another user, speculating that this way of file distribution is legitimate.

Terms of the Agreement

This User Agreement comes into force from the moment of using any of the services in the user's website or registering on the website and is valid for an unconditioned period of time. The user has the right to unilaterally terminate the registration on the website for any reason without warning the TORG.AM administration. If the user disagrees with the ad publishing rules on the website or the above-mentioned conditions, that person must terminate the services offered by TORG.AM. The fact that the user of TORG.AM does not terminate it’s usage, indicating that the person agrees with the terms and conditions of the website.

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